Step 1 - Agree with the terms and conditions and select checkout.
Step 2 - Enter your Delivery and Billing Address. NB. Paypal will use this billing address to process your payment, however you may make changes when your are redirected to paypal to complete the payment process.
Step 3 - Select Credit Card or Paypal
Step 4 - Select Pay with debit or Credit Card or Select Log in if your already have a paypal account. Then proceed to enter your credit card information.
Step 5 - Verify your billing address -The Billing address that you have entered earlier will come over to paypal by default, However this address may be modified if necessary.
Step 6 - For security reasons and to protect customers paypal will ask that you create an account by providing and Email Address, Password, Date of Birth and Identification. Select agree and pay and you will be redirected to our thank you page at
Ordaz Express