Are you the ones who prepare the meals you deliver?



No. We are a Restaurant marketing/Food Delivery Business. We do not prepare the meals we deliver.



How long does it take for a meal to be delivered.



Our average delivery time is 1/2 hour, however this make go up to 45 mins depending on the time of the day.



Will you deliver to my home address?



Yes. However, conditions may apply based on area of residence.





How can I get my favorite restaurant on Ordaz Express?



Let us know by emailing, and we'll get on it. Feel free to let the restaurant know about us as well.



How do I pay?



You may pay cash on delivery , Monthly (Account Customers), Fortnightly (Account Customers), Prepaid (Smart Card System). We are currently working on our point of sale system.



Should I tip the delivery person?



how nice of you to ask! Our drivers do everything to make your delivery delightful, so tips are appreciated but not required.




Where do you deliver to?



We currently deliver to Kingston and St. Andrew.



Ordaz Express